Searching for Truth

Truth is a most precious thing

Searching for Truth is a video/book program that introduces the very foundation of Christianity, the Gospel. It is designed to teach what one needs to know to become a Christian. Everyone is searching for something. If you are searching for answers to questions regarding God, Jesus, hope, happiness, faith, life after death, good and evil, the church, the Bible, God’s plan for you, or Jesus’ love for you, the answers to these can be found in this series of programs. Please view the first program which is 15-minutes in length, then you will be able to decide whether to watch the additional 5 programs that are designed to help you find the answers to these questions.

Click here to download the 114 page Searching For Truth study guide (pdf format)

Did you know that on the average, 107 people die every minute? That’s a staggering number. We all think we’re going to live a long life, but all of us will eventually die. But what happens when we die? Does life after death really exist? If so, what kind of life? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? And if so, what will happen to you when you die? More important, will it matter what you believed or how you lived in this life?
Observing the universe, the earth, and the amazing design human body leads to only one conclusion – none of these things occurred by accident. They are the product of an intelligent Creator. But what kind of Creator? What do we really know about Him? Does He really care about His creation? What is He like? Can we know Him? And where can we go to find the answers to such questions?
In soociety there is much debate about what is right and what is wrong. When it comes to matters of faith, there are several different views. But which one is correct? And who determines what is right? Who gets to make the rules? Who, or what, is the final authority in religious matters? Is it the church, the Bible, a creed book, or a council of scholars? Who, or what, has authority in religious matters? In other words, who makes the rules? And where can we go to find the answers?
The word church is used well over one hundred times in the New Testament. But what does it mean? Is the church merely a place for worship? Is it the sum of all the religious denominations? Or, is it something more personal and spiritual? How important is the church, and does Jesus have a church to which we must belong to be saved?
Everyone lives in some kind of house or dwelling. They come in all shapes and sizes—with different floor plans and layouts, and furnished in a lot of different ways. Yet each home is precious and unique to its owner. But did you know God owns a house? He does. So, how can we recognize God’s house if we were to search of it today?
There are many differing views about baptism. Some say babies should be baptized, while others say it is reserved only for adults. Some believe baptism is necessary for salvation, while others do not. What is the truth about baptism? Have you ever wondered if you need to be baptized? And, if you have been baptized, was your baptism for the right reason as described in the Bible?